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It all started when...

… Cameron met Alison one fateful night in 2006 their lives were changed forever. By 2008, the two adventure-lovers were married; sharing a passion for the outdoors, camping and exploring, the two set out to see the world together. Little did they know, their biggest journey was still ahead of them.

After two years of trying, the couple were told they had less than a two per cent chance of ever conceiving a family. While shaken, these two explorers were not to be deterred by the road less travelled.

Although the two never gave up hope, they had accepted the strong possibility that children may not be part of their story.

But that wasn’t to be the case! After eight years their prayers were answered in 2016, when a round of IVF worked and their daughter Keira was born on the 11th of November.

Just like her parents, Keira loves the outdoors and was as excited to explore the world as her parents. 

Nine months later the family of three received the next big twist in their story! Cameron and Alison were shocked to find out that they were pregnant again! At their eight week scan the couple were surprised to learn that their second miracle came as a pair – TWINS; and so it was, on the 12th of April 2018 their beautiful, identical twin girls, Mia and Savannah, were born.

With Cameron’s work taking him across Australia for weeks at a time, Alison didn’t want Cameron to miss out on seeing their girls grow and Cameron struggled between the decision of providing for his family and being with them. On the flip side, Alison, with her craving for adventure, couldn’t imagine spending all of her time confined within four walls with three babies and a husband far from home. 

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Devils Marbles - July 2019