Setup & Gear

We have always loved camping with many weekends spent away in tents. In 2014 Cameron was invited along to a Boys 4x4 weekend to Mount Walker, NSW. Despite one of the boys blowing his front tail shaft, rear tail shaft and rear diff resulting in 19hour recovery / tow back to town, Cam had a great time and within two weeks had bought his own 4WD.


We started simple, yet practical, but over the years our setup has had some massive changes as we worked hard to become more self-sufficient and added some extra comforts, especially once adventuring became our way of living. 

No Kids

4WD & Swag


Before kids we had the very simple setup of an 80series Landcruiser and an Adventure Kings double swag.

We always had it packed, ready to go.

One Kid

4WD & Camper Trailer


Before we had Keira in 2016 we decided to gift ourselves a Black Series Dominator Camper Trailer, and then a 2017 Ford Ranger.

Three Kids

4WD & Caravan


With Mia & Savannah on the way, and our dream of travelling Australia full-time becoming more of a reality, we upgraded to a 2017 Jayco Basestation.