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Our Setup

We always loved camping, and started simple, yet practical, but over the years our setup has had some massive changes so we could be more self-sufficient with some extra comforts added to sustain our new way of living. 


When we set off on our 12month lap we wanted a setup that would do the job; but now that this lifestyle is our new norm we needed a setup that would get the jobs done.

Whilst living on the road can be done on a budget, eventually some kind of income is required, and once we recognised a shortage of tradies in rural and remote areas our work to travel plan hatched. After working at a few outback places we also realised that most places don't have the required equipment to complete the work. So, in 2023 we sold our beloved Six-wheel Ford Ranger to purchase an Isuzu Truck. We retrieved Cameron's tools and equipment from storage, and began to modfify our new setup for the next chapter in our journey.


Our plans to lap Australia in our dominator was happily interrupted by Mia & Savannah due in 2018. Travelling in a camper trailer with 3 under 2years was a little daunting, so we decided to trade our camper for a 2017 Jayco Outback Basestation.

Our main reason for choosing a caravan was so that when we stopped we could walk straight in with the babies, rather than wait to set it up. 

The main features of the Basestation that caught our eye were the toy hauler space (which perfectly fit 3 cots) and club lounge for extra family space. We have never regretted our decision, and this first caravan is still our current one.

With Keira on the way, in 2016, we decided to change our setup. A baby in a double-swag seemed a little too cosy for us, and Cameron was ready to upgrade his single cab work ute.


We picked a 2017 Ford Ranger with all the extras. 

  • Tyres

  • 2inch lift

  • Customised Bullbar

  • Snorkel

  • Rhino Roof Rack

  • Tiger11 Awning


Our Black Series Dominator Camper Trailer was the perfect size with a little lounge area for a little family, space for Keira's cot and outdoor kitchenette. 


We purchased our first 4WD in 2012 ~ an 80 Series Landcruiser.

Always packed with out Adventure Kings double swag and basic camping gear, we had so many memorable weekends away.


Fitted with:

  • 33-12.5-15 Hankook Dyna Pro Mud Terrain Tyres

  • 6inch lift

  • Customised Bullbar

  • Snorkel

  • Tiger11 Roof Rack

  • Tiger11 Awning

As a young couple it was a great vehicle to learn our new hobby in, but in 2014 we upgraded to an 80 Series Turbo-diesel Sahara Landcruiser. 

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