Our Setup

We always loved camping, and started simple, yet practical, but over the years our setup has had some massive changes as we worked hard to become more self-sufficient and added some extra comforts, especially once adventuring became our way of living. 

No Kids

4WD & Swag


Before kids we had the very simple setup of an 80series Landcruiser and an Adventure Kings double swag.

We always had it packed, ready to go.

One Kid

4WD & Camper Trailer


With Keira on the way we decided to update our setup with a Black Series Dominator Camper Trailer, and then a 2017 Ford Ranger.

Three Kids

4WD & Caravan


With Mia & Savannah on the way, and our dream of travelling Australia becoming more of a reality, we upgraded to a 2017 Jayco Basestation.