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Schooling Adventures

So, your travels will finish when your eldest starts school?
From the moment we left on our adventure I anticipated I would home educate our girls. I have many friends involved in the homeschooling community that I felt, when the time came, I'd be supported and the process would be enjoyable. Unfortunately, when Keira turned 4 and I began my preparing for the process, I faced a huge obstacle. NSW doesn't recognise 'travelling' as a reason to homeschool and NSW Distance Education offers 12months with the condition you return to a school the following year.

As luck would have it we were working near Darwin NT and we were able to use the address as a temporary one. The surrounding kids were all going to school and Keira started to ask when she would start school. I'm a big believer in including our kids in our decisions (to a point) so I reluctantly enrolled Keira in the local pre-school and she loved going 2 days a week. When time came to start her first year of school, we had accepted a position on a station in outback Western QLD. 


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