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Meet The Lyons Family

Lorella Springs - June 2018

CAMERON is a Trade Qualified Carpenter who ran his own business for more than 10years. He enjoys 4WDing, building project cars and motorbike riding.

He always said if we were lucky enough to have kids, we would have 3 girls.

ALISON is a Business Manager; qualified in project management, finance budgeting and administration, specifically in the Petroleum Industry. She enjoys adventuring, playing hockey and reading.

She used to pride herself on being organised until they had 3 kids in 2years.


Mia, Savannah & Keira

KEIRA entered the world on 11th November 2016. She had an instant love for the outdoors and enjoys arts & crafts and dancing. She is quite the story-teller.

MIA entered the world on 12th April 2016. SAVANNAH entered 1minute later.

Identical twins with similarities; like their love for the outdoors, music and fruit, but the girls are starting to develop different personalities.

Mia is very alert but also likes to sit back, relax and take it all in. Mia enjoys books, is showing an interest in drawing and starting to talk more.

Savannah is always on the go, very cheeky (& at times naughty), enjoys loud-sounding toys and is very determined to walk.

So that loved ones can tell them apart, we usually dress Mia in pink and Savannah in purple.

Our girls were definitely born to travel Australia and we are excited for all the crazy moments and making amazing memories.


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