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Our Story Continues

We always talked about lapping Australia, and planned to when the girls were a little older. But, in 2018 we found ourselves in a position that allowed us to travel sooner.

I was working from home for a newly established business and the director agreed to me working from the caravan. We didn’t have a lot of money saved, having recently invested and just coming back from a big trip, but the regular income and timing was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

5months later, in December 2018 our house was sold and our caravan became our home.

Working from the caravan came with its own set of challenges which impacted our travels. Requiring service meant skipping remote areas we wanted to visit, unless it worked in with my schedule but that was rare, and deadline requirements meant staying behind to work while Cameron took the girls off exploring.

Don’t get me wrong, I was extremely grateful for the opportunity and the amazing experiences we did have, we just missed out on a lot too.

Mid-way through our travels the company relocated to Brisbane and expanded, which was fantastic, but my responsibilities increased and eventually the time came where I was needed back in the office.

We made so many incredible memories with our girls and loved exploring and learning, I wanted this to be the beginning of our life on the road, but I also had our family’s future to consider and the job waiting for me had the potential to be something amazing. I really struggled making the decision but in the end, we made our way to Brisbane.

After a couple of months, we couldn’t lie to ourselves anymore. Being back was harder than it should have been. The more time I spent away from my family, the less passion I had for my job, and I kept giving it time but it didn’t get better. That little taste of travelling freedom left us feeling incomplete and wanting more out of life.

We simply just reached a point where we were prepared to do what it took to spend more time together as a family and we didn’t want to wait another 30years to see our beautiful country. We have also fallen in love with the idea of raising our girls on the road, living a minimalistic and carefree lifestyle.

We sold some assets to be almost debt-free, you only live once after all, and are currently stopped for work so we can save as much money as possible. Our feet are super itchy, and we can’t wait to hit the road again soon, but this time we are taking things a little slower to better prepare ourselves and our setup for full-time, remote travelling.

photo credit @jesswilsondesign_ taken at Maroochy River Caravan Park


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