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Boomi Artesian Baths & Caravan Park

We stumbled across this gem while trying to get as close to the QLD border as possible.

Any other time we probably would have driven passed, but the girls were starting to fuss and stopping in unknown towns is what our adventure is all about.

Pulling into the caravan park, adjacent the pools, it was so peaceful, and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Before we even finished setting up we decided to stay 2 nights to really relax and enjoy.

The Boomi Artesian Pool draws water from a depth of 1222metres and is enriched with minerals believed to have healing and restorative powers; we definitely felt relaxed and rejuvenated after some time in the spa. Bonus points for the shaded waddling toddler pool that was shallow enough for our twins to sit in and splash around, but gradually deepened so Keira could play around too. There is also a 25m pool to swim some laps or cool off.

With a general store, BBQ area, tennis courts, historical sites and two playgrounds within walking distance of the caravan sites, this was a terrific place to spend some downtime in.


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